2019 TCCF Fall Grants Announced

The Tuscola County Community Foundation (TCCF) is offering grants to fund projects within Tuscola County.  $ 101,000.00 will be available to apply for during this upcoming fall grant cycle for eligible Tuscola County organizations. 

Name of Fund                            Amount Available        Purpose

Claude & Etta Andrews                  $16,000.00            Children’s Activities
Future Youth Involvement            $30,000.00            Youth Programs
William & Ruth Janks                     $55,000.00            Unrestricted

Applications are available at: www.tuscolaccf.org under the Grant Application drop down tab.  Please review the entire Grant Guidelines document.

NOTE: If you are applying to more than one Fund you must submit an original and 6 copies for each Fund you are applying to.  No application will be accepted if not received or postmarked by October 1, 2019.

FYI Mini Grant Applications are accepted throughout the school year calendar. To be eligible for an FYI Mini Grant, the applicant must be a school sanctioned student organization. The project must be approved by the school district administration and the grant is limited to $250 per student organization with a maximum per school district of $500 per academic year. The mini grant is intended for student initiated and lead projects, often associated with school sponsored organizations. Other projects should apply using the regular FYI grant application.

If you have questions about grant guidelines or the application process contact Executive Director, John Hunter at (989) 673-8223 or jhunter@tusoclaccf.org 



      JUNE 2019 THANK YOU’S … and WELCOME’S ! Board of Trustee members Dee Harrington of Caro area, and Amy Peters of the Cass City area, were recognized for their years of dedicated service as Board of Trustee members for the Tuscola County Community Foundation (TCCF). At the June 27, 2019 Annual Meeting President Tim Lyons presented them with plaques of appreciation. Both Dee and Amy made significant contributions assisting the Foundation by serving on the Publicity Committee, and Amy also served on our Grants Committee. The TCCF Board “thanks” them for their service to the organization, and for continuing to make Tuscola County a better place to live!  

Dee Harrington             Amy Peters

        Dee Harrington                                                          Amy Peters

Paula Gromak        The TCCF Board of Trustees also would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to Paula Gromak for her 22 years of service as a co-advisor of the youth advisory council, Future Youth Involvement.  Paula, along with her co-advisor John Hunter, have been the advisors for FYI since its origin in 1997. Paula has decided it is time to “retire” from this role.  She has provided valuable leadership to FYI and made a significant impact on the lives of students in Tuscola County.  We wish Paula continued success in all her future endeavors!

The TCCF Board also wishes to give a warm welcome to new members Debra Kranz, Nancy Thane and Logan Gutierrez (FYI/YAC representative) to the Board of Trustee’s!

To date, over $5 million dollars of grants and scholarships have been granted from the funds maintained by the Tuscola County Community Foundation since its inception!



A few of the many projects supported by funds of TCCF and related award photos.



Tuscola County Community Foundation
1100 E.Caro Rd, P.O. Box 534
Caro, MI 48723
Phone: (989) 673-8223



*Grant applications are due (postmarked) by March 1st and October 1st. Please refer to Grant Guidelines under the "Grant Applications" drop down for more information.
*For fund information refer to the "Funds" drop down.
*Scholarship applications applicable to each Tuscola high school are delivered to the guidance office by early February of each year. They are due “postmarked” by March 15th.



Mission Statement


Our mission is to make Tuscola County a better place to live by maintaining a permanent philanthropic endowment base which will assist and fund a variety of efforts, turning needs and dreams into realities.







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