*Primarily to help make Tuscola County a better place to live, now and in the future.


*The Tuscola County Community Foundation holds a collection of dozens and dozens of funds.  Some funds support specific causes or interests that are vital to the well being of each organization.  Other funds support areas of interest such as children’s needs, historic building preservation, promoting healthy life choices and scholarships. 


*When people give, it helps our community to thrive. 



Tuscola County Community Foundation
317 S. State Street, P.O. Box 534
Caro, MI 48723
Phone: (989) 673-8223
Fax: (989) 673-8223



To receive information about establishing a fund, inquire about a fund in our portfolio, or identifying procedures for applying for grants and scholarships, please contact our office. 


Meets National Standards for Community Foundations.